Nicole Parks


Please watch your own video and write a short response with your thoughts. Please ALSO watch at least one other video and offer some constructive thoughts about what could be "improved" or "changed" in a creative way. These will remain anonymous and I will be the only one who reads them. Either hand write them or email them to me at

Things are in no particular order!

Tonal improv chords

C Instrument

iii - B D F# A

vi - E G B D

ii - A C E G

V - D F# A C

I - G B D F#


Bb Instrument

iii - C# E G# B

vi - F# A C# E

ii - B D F# A

V - E G# B D

I - A C# E G#


F Instrument 

iii - F# A C# E

vi - B D F# A

ii - E G B D

V - A C# E G

I - D F# A C#


John Coltrane - Expressions - basic melody and loose structure with lots of improv around the very basic melodies and structures

Peter Brotzmann - Nipples - free improv, may be some very loose guidelines

Ornette Coleman - Free Jazz - free improv, seminal game-changing album for frizz jazz and improvised music

Dave Ballou - live improv, tell your students that Dave was my first composition teacher and that I also was in a free improv ensemble in college under his direction :)

Ellery Eskelin with Drew Gress & Gerald Clever - live improv

Sonic Youth - Improvisation Ajoutee

Ugandan student group improv

Bobby McFerrin brief talk about improvisation

VISHNU R - Indian Guitarist improvising