Nicole Parks


Small Group Context Session 7: Current Context


Some links of interest…

Band repertoire acceptable for state music performance assessments (MPA)


Band MPA scores (what does the word superior mean? excellent? average?)


Content of school music curricula:


Drew McManus collects information on how much musicians, conductors, and exectives are paid


Greg Sandow on the past and potential future of (especially orchestra-based) classical music:


Jason Heath, life as a freelancer (entrepreneur?):


College programs cited in class:


Ensembles mentioned:

International Contemporary Ensemble -

Eighth Blackbird -




Class 4



What’s getting programmed, 2011-12 edition:







Tower, Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman:


Gendered themes in Classical / Romantic sonata form:


Music at the Tea Table:


Charles Ives and “Masculinity”:


Pauline Oliveros:



Saariaho Interview #1:


Saariaho Interview #2:


Pres with visualization:

L’Amour de Loin:

Ciel d’hiver:



Kennedy Center Estancia Notes:



Class 5 


Electronic Music and interdisciplinary works


Du Yun:


Angel’s Bone trailer:

(What’s interdisciplinary here? - touch on genre mobility!)


        Du Yun “Fallen Warriors” (ensemble and electronics)


Du Yun interview video:

Du Yun “The Man who swallowed a snake”

(Du Yun ~6’)

OK Miss:

Shark in you:



    Bjork Biophilia - Thunderbolt (Tesla coils start around 1:10) #interdisciplinary


Earliest recording ever (1860 au clair de la lune) - “phonautograph”:


Sampling/turntables - Grand Master Flash,


Jorge Sanchez-Chiong:


Preview of our piece:

Salt Water (6 turntables and orchestra):

Crin (solo violin):




Lichtbogen (9 instruments and live electronics):


IRCAM spatial processing:




Class 6


Inspiration / Appropriation / Quotation / Pastiche


Mahler 1 selections


Ives 4 “Slatsplained”:


Quotation in Jazz - Ella in Berlin


Folk dance styles; Malambo example


NY Phil notes on Ginastera and the role of the composer


Turntables, Hiphop, Sampling - Public Enemy

All the songs sampled here:



Article on Steve Reich’s Come Out:


Midcentury Time Magazine Chart of Highbrow - lowbrow


The Road to the Classics:


Class 7


Hands-on electronics and music notation


Audacity software:


Max software:


Mathematical notation is designed to express complex ideas in a compact space. To what extent does that conceal understanding/meaning?


How does this apply in music?


On Cecil Taylor:




Steve Schick on learning Fernyhough

clAss 2

"Is That Jazz?" examples!


Cecil Taylor:

Zappa Jazz from Hell:

Tyshawn Sorey/Vijay Iyer:

Fables of Faubus:

Monk Round Midnight:

Blue Monk:


"Classical" takes on jazz


Stravinsky Jazz Prelude:

Babbitt All Set:

Milhaud Creation of the World

Beethoven jazz:

Penderecki Actions for Free Jazz Orchestra

Score example


Early African-American classical music examples:

William Grant Still

Afro-American Symphony:

4th movement:

3rd movement:


Scott Joplin's Treemonisha:


AACM materials:

Muhal Richard Abrams:

Muhal Richard Abrams solo piano:

George Lewis: Interactive Trio:

Art Ensemble of Chicago:



Ligeti - Greatest Hits! 

“I privilege forms that are less process- and more object-oriented: Music as frozen time, as an object evoked as a space in our imagination, an entity that, albeit unfolding in passing time, is simultaneously present in all its moments.” - György Ligeti

String Quartet No. 1 (1953)

Continuum (1968)


String Quartet No. 2 (1968):


Hungarian Rock (1978):


Mysteries of the Macabre (1991):


Ligeti interview / coaching an orchestra:



J.W. Turner paintings: 



Ndodana-Breen and African musical traditions:


Check out longer excerpts of Credo, Ritual for string quartet, and much more on the composer´s site!


Malian hand drumming (~800 y.o. tradition) : Mamady Keita


Ghana - Ewe drumming: Abraham Adzenyah


Nigeria - Fela Sowande

African Suite Mvt. II, Nostalgia 1951-52


Halim El-Dabh - Egypt (/USA)

1944 - Wire Recorder

What is a kaddish?


Bernstein Symphony No. 3


Peters vs. Mercator projection: